The "Daily Telegraph" Guide to Christian Marriage

by Adrian Thatcher (Author)


There is a crisis in Christian marriage. Three in five marriages conducted in Church break down, yet countless people persist in their wish to be married in Church. For many of these, their attendance at Church for a wedding is one of the rare occasions that they ever darken the door of such a building. This is a book for all such people and for regular church goers who are not so well informed. It is also a book to be given to friends and relatives who attend the weddings of family members. To those outside the Christian communities, a Christian wedding is something mysterious. What actually happens at the exchange of vows? Can divorcees be remarried in Church? What is the true history and meaning of the ritual and the symbolism? What does the priest actually do? Is marriage the grave of savage love ? (Benedetto Croce). And are people refused Christian marriage if they have been living together in advance of the wedding, or if they already have children out of wedlock? This book also addresses many practical questions about the order of service and the choice of music and readings.Above all, it is a strong affirmation of Christian marriage as a vital element in Christian life and society as a whole.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 408
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
Published: 01 May 2003

ISBN 10: 082646629X
ISBN 13: 9780826466297

Author Bio
Adrian Thatcher is Professor of Applied Theology and Director of the Centre for Theology and Philosophy, The College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, UK. He is the editor of Celebrating Christian Marriage (T & T Clark).