Getting Your Little Darlings to Behave

Getting Your Little Darlings to Behave

by SueCowley (Author)


Following the huge success of Getting the Buggers to Behave, a number of people (most notably the BBC presenter of one of the shows Sue appeared on) have told Sue Cowley that her ideas would well equally well for parents. Sue has met a number of teachers who have bought her book, not so much to use at school as to apply to the way they handle their own children at home. There is a general sense that a teacher hardened by teaching 30+ kids at a time in state schools must know a thing or two - parents want access to the professional insider's knowledge. The book draws directly on one of Sue Cowley's major strengths - to identify transferable skills that can apply to numerous situations.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 169
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
Published: 27 May 2004

ISBN 10: 0826465021
ISBN 13: 9780826465023

Media Reviews
'In this book I offer practical and realistic advice for parents about how to manage their children's behaviour. As with my books for teachers, it is written in a realistic and down to earth way. I give tips and strategies that will help you deal with all the behaviour issues that you face, from getting the basics right, through to dealing with more serious problems. As a teacher I've dealt with the behaviour of literally thousands of different children; as a parent I understand just how stressful managing behaviour 24/7 can be. The strategies that I outline in this book are simple to understand and put into practice, but will make an amazing difference to your children's behaviour.' Sue Cowley
Author Bio
Sue Cowley is the author of Getting the Buggers to Behave and The Guerilla Guide to Teaching. As well as being a parent, she has taught children of all ages and at all levels, and now combines the roles of educational author, trainer and presenter with part-time supply teaching.