A Sprig of Basil

A Sprig of Basil

by IanSidaway (Illustrator), JohnMidgley (Author)


Each title in this series gives advice on growing and cooking with an important culinary herb and features 25 herbs. Native to tropical Asia, basil is sacred to several cultures and has been in continuous cultivation for many thousands of years. The ancient Greeks called it basilikon, which means regal and, for Italian nd French cooks especially, basil is the unrivalled king of all herbs. Basil is exceptionally aromatic, and should always be used fresh. This book is packed with information about growing and cooking with basil and features 25 recipes - from bruschetta with basil and stuffed Provencal vegetables, to red mullet baked with basil and chicken curry with peppercorns.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
Publisher: Little, Brown
Published: 19 May 1994

ISBN 10: 0821220977
ISBN 13: 9780821220979