50 Portrait Lighting Techniques for Pictures That Sell

50 Portrait Lighting Techniques for Pictures That Sell

by JohnHart (Author)


This revised and updated book concerns professional lighting techniques. It includes 90 new photographs and strategies for helping anyone, with a minimum of equipment, in a studio or out of doors, to take portraits of friends, family and commercial clients. Each technique is illustrated with background photographs of the actual portrait session, showing the equipment used and its placement in the studio or, in the case of outdoor work, the proper position of the subject in regard to the sun. A lighting diagram is included for each session, giving the spatial relationships of all the elements of the setup (photographer, model, lights and equipment). A series of finished portraits from each setup compares why some are successful and why others are not, and why one photograph was chosen as the best.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Edition: Revised edition
Publisher: Amphoto Books
Published: 01 Mar 1995

ISBN 10: 0817438602
ISBN 13: 9780817438609