The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health

The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health

by LindaP.Case (Author), KerryHelms (Illustrator), Bruce Mac Allister (Illustrator)


The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health offers comprehensive coverage of man's other best friend, the cherished companion of millions of Americans. Information covers: knowing the cat-domestication, breeding, genetics, and more; behavior-understanding and training the domestic cat; health care and disease prevention; and, nutrition and feeding throughout the life cycle and much more. Concise yet thorough, The Cat fills the need for an academic textbook for undergraduate animal science courses, veterinary technician programs, and cat care or breeding classes, and serves as an important resource for breeders, exhibitors, groomers, and veterinary practitioners.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 392
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Published: 14 Apr 2003

ISBN 10: 0813803314
ISBN 13: 9780813803319

Author Bio

Linda P. Case coordinates the undergraduate companionanimal program and teaches companion animal science in theDepartment of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, is aConsultant for the Aims Company, and owns AutumnGold Dog TrainingCenter In Mahomet, Illinois. Case is also the author of The Dog: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health (199), and Canine andFeline Nutrition: A resource of Companion Animal Professionals(2000).