by Marco Bussagli (Author)


From the same series as Abrams' successful "Saints: A Year in Faith and Art" comes "Angels", with representations of these celestial heralds from early Christian mosaics to the paintings of Marc Chagall. Art historian Marco Bussagli has organised the book by significant Biblical events, beginning with the Creation in Genesis and ending with John the Evangelist's vision of Heaven on Earth in Revelation; each episode is accompanied by the relevant chapter and verse, along with a brief text explaining how the work of art fits into the iconography of the time. In addition to lesser-known works, Bussagli has included favourites such as Michelangelo's "Creation of Man in the Sistine Chapel", Lorenzo Ghiberti's "Gates of Paradise", and Rembrandt's "Sacrifice of Isaac". Here are angels as assistants, messengers, punishers, soldiers, rebels and saviours, assembled for the delectation and delight of both scholars and believers.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 780
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Published: 06 Sep 2007

ISBN 10: 0810994364
ISBN 13: 9780810994362

Author Bio
Marco Bussagli is an art history professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he lives. He has written several books in Italian on the representation of angels in art, and he has been a regular contributor to the Italian Encyclopedia Institute since 1985.