Final Cut Pro 3 for Dummies

Final Cut Pro 3 for Dummies

by HelmutKobler (Author), ZedSaeed (Author)


Teaches new and inexperienced users of Final Cut Pro how to capture, import, and edit digital video. This book will include coverage on rendering, compositing, transitions, adding titles, audio and video filters, advanced effects, and much more. This book will also provide the reader with basic digital video editing information where applicable Provides practical, real-world solutions to managing media and incorporating various special effects into unique video/film productions - with special attention given to the Timeline, Browser, and Media Manager features of Final Cut Pro. This book will also cover the new rendering, G4 realtime effects, and color capabilities of Final Cut Pro 3. Includes coverage on how to output the final product to a number of different media sources such as videotape, DVD, CD-ROM, or even onto the Web. Final Cut Pro 3 For Dummies will be one of the first books available to include coverage of the highly anticipated and recently released version of Final Cut Pro.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 25 Jul 2002

ISBN 10: 076451654X
ISBN 13: 9780764516542

Author Bio
Helmut Kobler is an independent filmmaker with his own production company, K2 Films. Zed Saeed is an award-winning digital-media consultant who specializes in editing, composition, and workflow issues.