Rabbits for Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback))

Rabbits for Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback))

by Audrey Pavia (Author)


Quiet, cuddly, and ridiculously cute with their big floppy ears and cotton tails, rabbits make great companions. And while they may seem like simple little creatures, they are really very complex and never cease to amaze those who live with them. Physiologically and psychologically bunnies are very different from cats and dogs or any other pet you may be familiar with and they have their own unique needs and problems that must be addressed. Keeping a bunny healthy and happy requires a sincere commitment of time, energy, and love one you'd better be sure you're willing to invest before you take one of these gentle little creatures into your life. Rabbits For Dummies lets you take a well-informed look before hopping headlong into the wonderful world of rabbit ownership. This fun, entertaining book fills you in on everything you need to know to successfully adopt, nurture, live with and love a rabbit. You'll discover how to: * Choose the right rabbit for you * Learn how to communicate with your bunny * Understand your rabbit's special needs * Acclimate your rabbit to your household * Feed and house your rabbit properly * Identify and address common health problems * Breed Rabbits Written by lifelong rabbit fancier and award-winning author pet author, Audrey Pavia, Rabbits For Dummies is ideal for first-time and veteran rabbit owners, alike. It is a gold mine of advice, guidance and tested-in-the-trenches tips on: * Deciding if a rabbit is right for you and vice versa * Choosing the right breed, size, age and sex bunny for you * Finding your rabbit and introducing it into your home * Housing, cleaning and feeding your rabbit * Health issues, concerns and treatments * Dealing with bunny behavior problems * Training your bunny to use a litter box * Teaching your rabbit tricks and having fun together * Rabbit psychology and physiology * Breeding and showing rabbits for fun and profit Packed with informative photos and how-to sections on every aspect of caring for and loving a pet bunny, Rabbits For Dummies is a survival guide for rabbits and their people.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 28 Jan 2003

ISBN 10: 076450861X
ISBN 13: 9780764508615

Author Bio
Audrey Pavia is the author of several books, including The Essential Rabbit. She has been a frequent contributor to numerous pet publications, editor-in-chief of Horse Illustrated, and senior editor of The AKC Gazette.