Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers, 2nd Ed.

Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers, 2nd Ed.

ISBN13: 9780761969518
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'Since the first edition I have recommended this text to many of my students (undergraduates and postgraduates) who, like Derek Haylock's own, evidenced more positive attitudes towards mathematics as a result. If the text is not on your required reading, it is, in my view, that it should, at the very least, be highly recommended' - Scottish Educational Review 'This Second Edition has been brought bang up to date, covering all the maths primary teachers are required to know. Many offerings claim to do this, several bearing the imprimatur of the Teachers Training Agency. This one does not, because, the author explains he has declined to submit it for the "approval" of government agencies. But this is the one I would choose because of its friendly and clear explanations. While always mathematically correct, it never feels "mathematical". The author never makes the reader feel inadequate, just as we would wish to treat children.I can think of no higher praise' - Laurie Rousman for Times Educational Supplement 'This new edition of Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers which, incidentally, has slightly larger pages and a clearer layout than the earlier edition, is not just a confidence booster, a gap-plugger and a destroyer of misconception. Nor is it primarily a handbook: it has a plain index, no glossary and scarcely any remarks on "how to use the book". Much more importantly, it's a lucid and coherent embodiment of the wisdom of a highly experienced mathematics educator - a book to be returned to again and again, by anyone involved in teaching mathematics at this level' - Mathematics in Schools This Second Edition explains the concepts and processes of the mathematics taught in primary schools in a straightforward, practical and comprehensive way. It aims to equip primary school teachers with the confidence to provide appropriate and careful explanation of mathematical ideas and procedures to their pupils, with an emphasis on the development of understanding, rather than mere learning by rote.This expanded and revised edition covers the latest requirements of The National Curriculum for primary schools; The National Curriculum for Initial Teacher Training; The National Numeracy Strategy; and the QTS basic skills numeracy test. Substantial additions have been made so that all the areas of mathematics in which primary student-teachers are required to be confident are explained systematically. Each chapter includes: - reference to the programmes of study for mathematics in The National Curriculum; - content summary - explanation of mathematical ideas in response to frequently-asked questions - self-assessment questions; and - a summary of teaching implications for dealing with the material in the classroom. This book provides a comprehensive, student-tested guide to the mathematics to be taught to children aged from five to 11 years.

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Derek Haylock, the first great teacher of maths that I ever met. This second edition is bang up to date, covering all the maths primary teachers are required to know.

-- Laurie Rousham, Consultant

It's a lucid and coherent embodiment of the wisdom of a highly experienced mathematics educator-a book to be returned to again and again by anyone involved in teaching mathematics at this level.

-- Peter Huckstep

Derek Haylock is an education writer, with an extensive list of publications in the field of mathematics education. He worked for over 30 years in teacher education, both initial and in-service, and was Co-Director of Primary Initial Teacher Training and responsible for the mathematics components of the primary programmes at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich. He has considerable practical experience of teaching and researching in primary classrooms. His work in mathematics education has taken him to Germany, Belgium, Lesotho, Kenya, Brunei, India and Sweden. As well as his publications in the field of education, he has written seven books of Christian drama for young people and a Christmas musical (published by Church House/National Society). For 15 years after his time at UEA he was in great demand as a consultant and professional speaker. His work as a writer continues.