Spirit Sisters: True Stories of the Paranormal

3.76 (82 Ratings by Goodreads)
Spirit Sisters: True Stories of the Paranormal

Spirit Sisters: True Stories of the Paranormal

3.76 (82 Ratings by Goodreads)
ISBN13: 9780755360932
Published Date: 21 January, 2010

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In Spirit Sisters, women of all ages share their very personal encounters with the supernatural. We meet a high-flying banking executive whose life changed forever after a visit from a bizarre, winged entity, a mother of seven who was held and soothed by her husband five days after she'd buried him, the woman who lost most of her family in a car accident and gained a guardian angel; and many more whose lives have been touched by uplifting encounters with the other side. This is a heart-breaking, inspiring, and ultimately, comforting book. Packed with amazing anecdotes, it opens the door to the spirit world and helps us reconnect with those we have lost to the afterlife.

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Format Paperback | 304
Book Overview Brilliant cross-over of mainstream psychic market with the angel and 'other-side' element that creates bestsellers like Angels in my Hair. Spooky and heart-breaking, this is a book that offers comfort to those who have lost loved ones.

'Author Machado is right: there's something really delicious about hearing ghost stories. Which means that this collection of spooky tales by Australian women, about

their experiences with the paranormal, is very hard to put down.

Machado is a great writer who spins a fine sense of mystery as she relates interviews with ordinary people about extraordinary events that raise serious questions about the afterlife and will make even a sceptic's neck hairs stand to attention. And, although some of the stories are creepy, there are many others that are very moving and that make you wonder about the idea that love is stronger than death.' Sunday Telegraph

* Sunday Telegraph *

Karina Machado was born in Uruguay and moved to Sydney with her family as a toddler, where she grew up hearing stories about her mother's psychic gift, igniting a life-long curiosity about all matters supernatural. She began her career in journalism as an editorial assistant at Time magazine in 1994, and is now senior editor at Who magazine, where she's forever pitching spooky stories. She's also obsessed with the Tudors, and has been know to dress up as Anne Boleyn, whose ghost she's sadly never seen.