M.I.L.K.: Love v. 3: Moments of Intimacy Laughter Kinship (Milk 3)

M.I.L.K.: Love v. 3: Moments of Intimacy Laughter Kinship (Milk 3)

by KimPhuc (Introduction)


The M.I.L.K. collection aims to depict the joy, heartbreak and love that shape and make up our lives, and this thrid volume, introduced by Kim Phuc completes the trio celebrating the human capacity for love.This is personified by Kim Phuc who describes how the famous photograph of herselfas a nine-year-old girl, fleeing from the effects of the war in Vietnam, has changed her life and taught her to forgive and love. The photos were selected by Elliot Erwitt from 1000s entered by professional and amateur photographers to explore the idea of love.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 184
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Published: 14 Oct 2002

ISBN 10: 0755311612
ISBN 13: 9780755311613
Book Overview: The Moments of Intimacy Laughter Kinship series includes the M.I.L.K. My Baby Book , M.I.L.K. Vol 1 Family and M.I.L.K. Vol 2 Friendship .

Author Bio
Kim Phuc is the girl in the famous Vietnam war photograph, running down a road screaming with terror and pain from the burns of a napalm bomb. That photograph changed her life. The Vietnamese authorities used her for propaganda for many years until she defected to Canada where she now lives with her husband and two young children.