Nelson and Napoleon: The Long Haul to Trafalgar

Nelson and Napoleon: The Long Haul to Trafalgar

by Christopher Lee (Author)


Trafalgar was a victory that would change the course of the Napoleonic wars and that would lead to the British Navy ruling the waves for more than a century.In Christopher Lee's new book he re-evaluates our preconceptions of this final and decisive battle and also looks at the events that led up to it. Through the prism of the preceding years he paints a picture of the personalities and the intrigues that were operating at this time, and particularly of the creation of a national hero in Horatio Nelson and his intense rivalry with Napoleon, who is reputed to have kept a bust of Nelson on his desk.The battle itself was nearly two years in the making with Nelson scouring the Atlantic for the French fleet. In Lee's book the reader will be taken on that journey with Nelson and his men, giving them a front-row view of the biggest story in Britain's maritime history.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
Edition: First Edition / First Impression
Publisher: Headline
Published: 05 Sep 2005

ISBN 10: 0755310411
ISBN 13: 9780755310418

Media Reviews
'Christopher Lee's vivid and painstaking account cuts through the folklore, replacing it with wonderful insights into early 19th-century Britain and Europe' -- Daily Express
Author Bio
Christopher Lee studied history at Cambridge University and subsequently joined the BBC where he became defence correspondent. In addition to his two previous books for Headline, 1603 and EIGHT BELLS AND TOP MASTS, he is the author of the highly acclaimed BBC book and radio series THIS SCEPTRED ISLE and has edited Churchill's HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLES.