On 2 Wheels: An Encyclopedia of Motorcycles and Motorcycling

On 2 Wheels: An Encyclopedia of Motorcycles and Motorcycling

by RolandBrown (Author)


A celebration of the motorcycle as a symbol of freedom, resistance, independence and the counterculture, this book is for all motorcycle riders - the true knights of the road. With over 600 photographs, this book contains both detailed contemporary illustrations of motorcycles and their riders, and fascinating archive material, showing motorcycles in their social and historical context. World of Motorcycling: presents a history of the motorcycle, including special features on sport and racing, touring, custom motorcycles, record breaking through the years, motorcycles at war, in the movies, at work, and much much more. The A-Z of Motorcycles: A marque-by-marque guide with illustrations of every motorcycle augmented by authoritative and comprehensive text. This book covers the whole world of the motorcycle from myth-and-legend to nuts-and-bolts. It provides a perfect introduction for the new enthusiast and an invaluable reference for the most experienced riders, historians and collectors. 'The World of Motorcycling' charts the evolution of the motorcycle, from its development in 1885 to the superbikes of the 21st century. Landmarks in engineering and design are recorded and placed in their social and historical context. Then, the 'A-Z of Motorcycles' is a visual encyclopedia of models and manufacturers, existing and defunct. The fascinating photographs are augmented by expert text detailing the technical specifications of the bikes; describing the key elements of their design, their performance features and engineering standards, and commenting on their special qualities and attributes.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 264
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Published: 01 May 2009

ISBN 10: 0754819949
ISBN 13: 9780754819943

Author Bio
Roland Brown was deputy editor of Bike magazine before turning freelance and has tested motorcycles for magazines worldwide. He is the author of two previous books on motorcycles; is motorcycling correspondent of The Independent, and has contributed stories on motorcycling to publications including Top Gear, Car, and Engineering. He also raced motorcycles for more than ten years, competing at international level in the Formula One world championship and in endurance events including the Le Mans 24 hours and the Bol d'Or.