South Africa

South Africa

by RWJohnson (Author)


Africa is the cradle of mankind and the first traces of modern man come from South Africa. But the country has also experienced waves of inward migration from the earliest times, and the turmoil and wars that accompany them. Dutch settlers landed at Table Bay in 1652. In the young colony inter-racial marriages were common but the segregationist trend was soon clear. The 19th century saw the rise of several African states, notably the Zulus under their leader Shaka; the Zulu wars; the discovery of diamonds and then gold. And then in 1899 the Boer War, with its bitter aftermath. After 1918 Afrikaner nationalism began to gather momentum and in 1948 apartheid became official policy. But soon the ANC had its own momentum. After Sharpeville came the Rivonia trial, the Soweto uprising, the death of Steve Biko and the United Democratic Front. But it was economic problems and the end of the Cold War which finally finished apartheid and released Nelson Mandela in 1990. Since 1994 crime, unemployment and inequality have flourished alongside the callousness of Thabo Mbeki's regime. The author delivers frank and devastating judgements both on the apartheid years and government by the new ANC elite. For this is a country that still awaits a government who will govern for the whole nation.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Phoenix
Published: 06 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 0753821001
ISBN 13: 9780753821008
Book Overview: Goes back to earliest times and incorporates the latest research on South Africa as the cradle of mankind Delivers the verdict on the first ten years of the new South Africa Frank and fearless judgements on the corruption and callousness of Thabo Mbeki's regime, delivered with the authority of a life-long liberal 'For most of this short book, Johnson shows his mastery of both the broad sweep and the complexities of history without bias' Anthony Sampson, Evening Standard 'It is a splendidly argumentative history, and great fun...But the argument rings loud and clear' David Honigmann, Financial Times 'Anyone who would squeeze millions of years into 233 pages had better be gifted in the art of summary. Johnson most assuredly is. His writing is brisk, clear and unadorned, as he summarises the conclusions of legions of scholars from a wide array of disciplines' Adam Ashforth, TLS

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Author Bio
R.W. Johnson is an Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford and since 1997 has been the Southern Africa correspondent of the SUNDAY TIMES. Born in 1943 and educated at Natal University and Oxford, he was Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Magdalen College, Oxford 1969-95 and Director of the Helen Suzman Foundation in Johannesburg 1995-2001. He has written for newspapers all over the world.