+: A Story of Discovery and Adventure

+: A Story of Discovery and Adventure

by Dallas Murphy (Author)


With the heart of a sailor and the narrative skill of a novelist, Dallas Murphy explores the enduring allure of the mythic Cape Horn. Located at the southernmost tip of the Andes, Cape Horn is a place where the storms are bigger, the winds stronger, the geography more dangerous for a seafarer than anywhere else in the world. From when it was named in 1616 until the present day, Cape Horn has had a rich history filled not only with the horrors of sailing disasters but also with the pleasures of Darwinian research into flora and fauna. The author uses his own voyage around Cape Horn to weave together the history of explorations, along with tales of Indians who lived there, the oceanography and meteorology of the region (with echoes of The Perfect Storm), the science of navigation and the natural history of the area. The result is the story of a sailor testing his own limits as well as a truly captivating depiction of one of the most fascinating areas on earth.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Phoenix
Published: 07 Apr 2005

ISBN 10: 0753818655
ISBN 13: 9780753818657
Book Overview: 'Dallas Murphy is a master of the salty yarn. His history is spliced with a Roaring Forties imagination, and his passion for wild water infects every page with tremendous energy. Incomprehensible seas from The Perfect Storm share the pages with wave-lashed windjammers and doomed castaways. As a reader, I found myself both appalled and fascinated by this most famous and savage of capes, and full of admiration for a writer who has succeeded in telling its story so convincingly' Nicholas Crane, author of Mercator Appeals to fans of Nathaniel's Nutmeg, In the Heart of the Sea as well as Endurance, and Batavia's Graveyard Combines the immediacy of adventure writers like Joe Simpson with fabulous historical detail

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The author is a novelist whose detective works have just been optioned by Columbia Tristar television. He is also a journalist and broadcaster.