Celtic Britain (Country)

Celtic Britain (Country)

by HomerSykes (Author)


Who were the Celts? What is a Celtic symbol? Where is Celtic Britain? In this fascinating book, Homer Sykes seeks to unravel some of the mystery of the Celts through an exploration of the landscapes and the artifacts they left behind. Over 120 evocative photos take us from Celtic Cornwall, through England, on to Wales and then up to Scotland. We visit little-known sites that belonged to pre-Celtic times, remote and isolated Celtic strongholds, ruined cells where Celticholy men performed Christian ceremonies during the Dark Ages, and internation- ally known but nevertheless enigmatic sites such as Stonehenge,and Silbury Hill. The powerful narrative explores the legends and folktales surrounding the many ancient symbols, stones and megalithic sites that are scattered throughout Britain.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 159
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 30 Mar 1998

ISBN 10: 0753801280
ISBN 13: 9780753801284

Author Bio
Homer Sykes is a well-known freelance photographer and a member of the internationally renowned group, Network Photographers. He has travelled widely on photographic assignments throughout the world. His passion however is Britain and his books include Once a Year: Some Traditional British Customs and Mysterious Britain. He was co-author with Roger Protz of The Village Pub, with Godfrey Smith of The English Season, and with Roy Kerridge of The Storm is Passing Over. Homer Sykes currently lives in London, SW20.