The Perils and Dangers of This Night

The Perils and Dangers of This Night

by StephenGregory (Author)


A bleak mid-winter. An icy wind blows through the corridors of Foxwood Manor, a boys' prep-school deep in the woodlands of Dorset. The boys have gone home at the end of the Christmas term and the old house is left to the headmaster, Dr Kemp, his wife, and Alan Scott, a boy abandoned by his mother. As the snow falls heavily on the house and the surrounding woods, a story of revenge and retribution unfolds: a web of half-truths and innuendo's woven into a bizarre game of hide-and-seek through the corridors and dormitories of the school. "The Perils and Dangers of this Night" is a compelling story of unfolding horror as a small boy undergoes a rite of passage, seeking redemption from his haunted past.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Edition: paperback / softback
Publisher: Virgin Books
Published: 07 Aug 2008

ISBN 10: 075351379X
ISBN 13: 9780753513798

Author Bio
After training as a lawyer and working as a teacher for 10 years, Stephen Gregory moved to the mountains of Snowdonia to write his well received first novel, The Cormorant. He has since written The Woodwitch and The Blood of Angels.