The Virgin Travel Health Handbook: Sound Advice for Anyone Travelling Abroad

The Virgin Travel Health Handbook: Sound Advice for Anyone Travelling Abroad

by Michael Wright (Author)


Making the trip of a lifetime or heading off for a two week break to some far-flung destination fills you with a sense of adventure and excitement. But don't be caught out by being unprepared for any health hazards you might face along the way. The Virgin Travel Health Handbook will help you assess the risks, avoid many of them altogether, or - if the worst really comes to the worst - know how to get help and deal with them. -Making sure you're fit to travel -Jabs, health insurance and other precautions -Keeping fit and healthy on the journey itself - including in-flight exercise to avoid DVT -Health hazards and how to deal with them, including: food and drink; heat, cold and the sun; hazards from mosquitoes and other biting insects; STIs; and more -How to find medical help - and how to pay for it -Region-by-region guide to hazards and health services -Things to watch out for after you get back home - A multilingual guide to medical terms and phrases. Written, researched and carefully checked by health and travel experts who have travelled around the world many times, The Virgin Travel Health Handbook is essential packing whether you are setting off for a month, a year or an open-ended round-the-world adventure.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Publisher: Virgin Books
Published: 24 Apr 2003

ISBN 10: 075350748X
ISBN 13: 9780753507483

Author Bio
Michael Wright is author of several best selling books on scientific and medical matters for the Reader's Digest including Family Guide to Alternative Medicine.