Best of Matt 2002 (Annuals)

Best of Matt 2002 (Annuals)

by Matthew Pritchett (Author)


Matt - the cartoonist on everyone's breakfast table, on the front page of the DAILY TELEGRAPH and three slots on Sundays. 'For some of us, breakfast time is the impossible challenge. We find it hard to crack an egg, still harder to crack a smile. Yet in recent months we have repeatedly found ourselves staggering across the kitchen in a state of visible mirth, thrusting a roughly folded DAILY TELEGRAPH under the nose of anyone with time to look, and uttering the single but sufficient syllable MATT ...When our pocket cartoonist hits the spot, everybody gets happy. And he almost always does hit the spot...Even I smile at breakfast now. The egg I can do without.' Russell Davies


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 80
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Orion
Published: 03 Oct 2002

ISBN 10: 0752849212
ISBN 13: 9780752849218
Book Overview: 'The funniest, the most consistent and quite simply the best' UK Press Awards Solid Christmas sales and a stock item for every humour section The terrific success of 10 YEARS OF MATT (which reprinted five times within the first three months of publication) proves there is a huge readership for Matt's cartoons Not only the best of the daily cartoonists, Matt is also an award winner - three times winner of the UK Press Awards Cartoonist of the Year (most recently 2000), and three times winner of the Cartoon Arts Trust award 'The best by a long way' Nicholas Garland 'That rare thing: a daily cartoonist who never fails' Peter Brookes, THE TIMES

Author Bio
Matthew Pritchett studied at St Martin's School of Art in London and first saw himself published in the New Statesman during one of its rare lapses from high seriousness. He has been the Daily Telegraph's front-page pocket cartoonist since 1988. He has won awards from the Cartoon Arts Trust, he is a four-times winner of UK Press Awards Cartoonist of the Year and in 2002 he received an MBE.