Steven Spielberg (Directors Close Up)

Steven Spielberg (Directors Close Up)

by George Perry (Author)


Steven Spielberg is, quite simply, the most successful movie maker in the history of the cinema. He is probably the most accomplished all round film maker, as at home directing 'entertainments' as he is creating an Academy Award? winning movie of social history. His company Amblin established itself as one of the most innovative production houses of the 80s and 90s and his new venture, Dreamworks, is the first major production company start-up in sixty years. Steven Spielberg was just 28 when Jaws hit the screens in 1975. A film of 'consummate suspense, tension and terror' it received a Best Picture Oscar Nomination and has become one of the classics of cinema in the last 20 years. From there Spielberg has directed and written some of the most successful and critically acclaimed movies of all time. The popularity of his films conceals a rigorous, methodical approach to his work, preparation being the hallmark of his productions. Spielberg was invariably shunned by the Academy until 1993 when Schindler's List won seven Oscars?, the crowning moment of his career to date.


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George Perry is one of the world's most distinguished film writers and has been Film Editor of The Sunday Times for 12 years. He is also Vice President of the Film Critics Circle and a member of the jury of the Moscow Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and the Troia Film Festival. He has written numerousdocumentaries for radio and television and has written some 25 books includin