The Shock of the Old: A Guide to British Buildings

The Shock of the Old: A Guide to British Buildings

by PhilipWilkinson (Author)


British Buildings is a series on Channel Four presented by Piers Gough, one of Britain's architects. The book deals with Roman architecture, Gothic cathedrals, vernacular buildings, the industrial revolution and modern architecture. By delving into our architectural heritage, Gough will reveal that many buildings of the past, rather than being part of a quaint homogenous British landscape were dramatic statements of modern form, technology and occasionally eccentricity. Gough will argue that contemporary architecture has lost its way because it romanticises periods and styles of the past. He also believes that The failure of modern architecture is the failure to be comfortable. It's not so much that we hate modern styles, more that we don't know how to relax in them . He also believes we have become nostalgic about materials like iron and brick, but of course when they were invented they were shockingly new.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Publisher: Channel 4 Books
Published: 23 Jun 2000

ISBN 10: 0752272098
ISBN 13: 9780752272092