The Secret War For The Falklands: The SAS, MI6, and the War Whitehall Nearly Lost

The Secret War For The Falklands: The SAS, MI6, and the War Whitehall Nearly Lost

by NigelWest (Author)


First published on the 15th anniversary of the Falklands War in 1982, THE SECRET WAR FOR THE FALKLANDS is nothing less than the secret history of the conflict, the first time the Royal Navy had been engaged by an enemy since 1945. In terms of hardware it was a test of the world's latest air and defence systems and a unique opportunity to push competing fighters to their limits in an environment that stretched men and aircraft alike. This book focuses on OPERATION CORPORATE, the task force assigned to retake the Falklands, and on the clandestine efforts to deny General Galtieri the one weapon that could have turned Corporate into a humilating defeat for Britain - the French-manufactured Exocet missile.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 266
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Warner Books
Published: 05 Mar 1998

ISBN 10: 0751520713
ISBN 13: 9780751520712
Book Overview: * Review coverage to tie-in with the 20th anniversary of the conflict * Serialisation-tbc

Media Reviews
fascinating...a great cauldron of stories * NEW STATESMAN *
a readable, plausible and intriguing addition to the Falklands literature. * DAILY TELEGRAPH *
Nigel West's book is enjoyable. * THE TIMES *
West once again shows his ability to master the jargon and distorted information of spookery. * FINANCIAL TIMES *
Author Bio
Nigel West is an author specialising in espionage and Intelligence subjects. Until May 1997 he was the Conservative MP for Torbay under the name Rupert Allason.