Beyond the Impossible: 20th Century Almanac

Beyond the Impossible: 20th Century Almanac

by RichardLazarus (Author)


Truth is stranger than fiction. No fantasy could match the oddities of the world we inhabit, a planet where people burst into flames for no apparent reason; where fish, frogs and all manner of objects fall from the sky like rain; where water, blood or crude oil spurt from dry walls; where space aliens, ghosts and prehistoric creatures emerge out of thin air to confront astonished witnesses. Otherwise ordinary men and women have shown powers unrecognised by science - ESP, thoughtography, and fire walking among them. Unseen intelligences have made their presence known through a variety of mysterious and often frightening manifestations: phone calls from the dead; violent alien abductions and UFO livestock mutilations. These and other weird phenomena seem to turn upside-down our entire view of the world. This book chronicles year by year the 20th century's most curious paranoraml events. It draws upon mysteries from over 20 countries: new light is shed on previously documented psychic research, often with the help of information until recently hidden from public view in secret government files. None of the hundreds of extraordinary accounts told here has ever been satisfactorily explained - indeed, the supernatural theory is often the only plausible one.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Publisher: Time Warner Paperbacks
Published: 19 May 1994

ISBN 10: 0751511005
ISBN 13: 9780751511000