The English Civil War

The English Civil War

by Maurice Ashley (Author)


One of the most dramatic periods in English history was that of the civil wars fought throughout the country in the mid-17th century. The population was split down the middle. While many peers and gentry took the side of the King, others equally supported the leaders of Parliament, so families and friends were painfully divided in their loyalties. The final defeat, trial and execution of King Charles I shocked the monarchies throughout Europe but left them deeply impressed by the victories of Oliver Cromwell and by his seizure of power as Lord Protector. The origins of the War and the course of the campaigns are described here by the late Maurice Ashley, a leading authority on 17th-century England, who based his narrative on the latest academic research and on the analysis by military experts of such important battles as those of Marston Moor and Naseby.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 153
Edition: Revised edition
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd
Published: Jul 2001

ISBN 10: 0750928077
ISBN 13: 9780750928076

Author Bio
Maurice Ashley, CBE, D.Litt, a former vice-president of the Cromwell Association, was research assistant to Winston Churchill during the years 1929-33, an officer in the Army Intelligence Corps, 1941-5, and editor of The Listener, 1958-67. He is the author of several works on the seventeenth century, including Life in Stuart England, Charles I and Oliver Cromwell and The Battle of Naseby and the Fall of King Charles I.