Nell Gwyn

Nell Gwyn

by Derek Parker (Author)


When Nell Gwyn, an actress on the London stage, first became familiar with the king, she was no better than a prostitute. Yet from the moment Charles II summoned her, there was never any suggestion that she granted her sexual favours to anyone but him; unlike some of his other lovers, she was as loyal to him as the Queen. On his deathbed Charles prayed neither for his Church nor his people, but asked that "Nelly might not starve". Nell Gywn's name is one of those few familiar to us all, yet what can we really know of this sensuous woman - the sensation of restoration England - who captured the heart of the king? This biography sets Nell Gywn's life against the backdrop of London during the Restoration and the ups and downs of theatrical life in the 17th century. Drawing on letters and contemporary accounts, and with dramatic portayals of the main characters, Derek Parker's book provides us with a vivid insight into the character of a woman who rose from nothing to be loved by a king.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd
Published: Jul 2001

ISBN 10: 0750927046
ISBN 13: 9780750927048

Author Bio
Derek Parker is a bestselling writer and reviewer, and he has worked as a journalist, and as a freelance intereviewer and presenter for BBC radio. His previous books include John Donne and his World (1973), Familiar to All: William Lilly and Seventeenth Century Astrology (1975), the bestselling The Compleat Astrologer (1975), and Parkers' Astrology (1991). Pompilia: A Roman Murder Mystery is due for publication in June 2001.