Macbeth: Man and Myth

Macbeth: Man and Myth

by N.B.Aitchison (Author)


Immortalised in Shakespeare's compelling tragedy, Macbeth (1040-1057) is perhaps Scotland's most famous king. But how much is known about the historical Macbeth and his reign? What was it about this king that intrigued later chroniclers and inspired Shakespeare? And how closely does Shakespeare's Macbeth correspond with historical reality? This book aims to study Macbeth in all his manifestations: historical, mythological and dramatic. Bringing together widely scattered material, it begins by placing Macbeth in the context of the turbulent politics of 11th-century Scotland, before examining the evidence for the historical Macbeth and his reign. The book then traces the origins and development of the myths surrounding the king through a range of medieval source material to the culmination of this process in Shakespeare's Macbeth. The author disentangles the real from the mythical Macbeth and puts into focus a blurring of fact and fiction that is as old as Macbeth himself. The concluding chapter goes in search of Macbeth, travelling from the blasted heath , where Shakespeare's Macbeth met the witches, to Dunsinane where he met his death at the hands of MacDuff. This text offers a comprehensive study of the historical and mythical king and the truth behind the Scottish Play .


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd
Published: 23 Sep 1999

ISBN 10: 0750918918
ISBN 13: 9780750918916