Prince 2: a Practical Handbook

Prince 2: a Practical Handbook

by Colin Bentley (Author)


PRINCE (Projects in Controlled Environments) is the standard project management method for government IT departments, approved by the CCTA. Powerful and flexible, it is increasingly being used by private and public sector companies. SSADM (Structered System Analysis Design Methodology) is the set of application development procedures and techniques approved by the CCTA, so it is certain that PRINCE and SSADM work well together. This text is aimed at readers who want to learn about the PRINCE Version 2 method, intend to implement it, are the clients of a contractor who will use, it or will participate in a project being managed by it. This second edition covers all the changes to the PRINCE methodology in Version 2, relates the five PRINCE components to the practical issues of setting up and running a project, and provides a clear picture of how using PRINCE provides a business-like start to a project, ensuring its viability and the effective use of resources before large scale expenditure has taken place. The book covers the main management concerns about a project - project initiation, controlling products, quality, changes and project closure; and concludes with a description of the normal products of an IT project, sample forms which can be used in the various PRINCE components, and role descriptions to fit all the defined roles.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 225
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
Published: 30 Apr 1997

ISBN 10: 0750632402
ISBN 13: 9780750632409

Media Reviews
PRINCE 2: a practical handbook, is a good example of a book written by project people for project people. The book complements the CCTA PRINCE 2 manual where the framework of the PRINCE 2 methodology is established. It offers good advice and suggestions on how to implement and utilise PRINCE 2 pragmatically in order to achieve a successful project. The book will be especially useful to those who wish to make use of PRINCE 2 to manage smaller scale projects. A useful addition to any project manager's reference - The PRINCE User Group Ltd.