Develop Your NLP Skills (3rd edition)

Develop Your NLP Skills (3rd edition)

by Andrew Bradbury (Author)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most powerful communication tools available. It offers an in-depth understanding of what really happens when we communicate. Anyone who has a grasp of the basic concepts and techniques involved and who learns to use them, can maximize the effectiveness of all their interpersonal communications. Completely revised and updated, this third edition of "Develop Your NLP Skills" includes much new material, together with mini case studies and action points. It will help anyone to become more successful at work through: setting effective goals; building quality relationships with colleagues and business associates; replacing conflict with co-operation; and, managing mental activities for greater self-control. Invaluable to anyone interested in improving their powers of communication, "Develop Your NLP Skills" provides practical guidance on using NLP techniques to achieve business excellence.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 151
Edition: 3rd edition
Publisher: Kogan Page
Published: 03 May 2006

ISBN 10: 0749445580
ISBN 13: 9780749445584
Book Overview: Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique for discovering what enables people to achieve excellence NLP is one of the most powerful tools for effective communication available Incorporates mini case studies and action points Practical guidance on using NLP to achieve business excellence Supported by frequent advertising in the Sunday Times

Media Reviews
as a first reader and for those interested in the possibility of applying nlp to their practice, the book is good value for money. newscheck an easy reference manual - the information is set out clearly in short chapters, broken into even shorter sections examines how people percieve situations, and other people, and uses that to encourage the reader to improve their own perception in terms of language and actions. personnel today
Author Bio
Andrew Bradbury is a qualified social psychologist and a member of the Association for NLP. He is the author of the best-selling Successful Presentation Skills, also published by Kogan Page.