Thimbles and Thimble Cases (Shire Book)

Thimbles and Thimble Cases (Shire Book)

by EleanorJohnson (Author)


To many people a thimble may seem to be simply a mundane and commonplace object with unromantic shape and associations, even if the work with which it assists can frequently be exquisite and imaginative. This book will open a door to the charm of the humble thimble in all its variety, from the simple workaday type to the rarer and more exquisite examples that gave scope for artists and craftsmen, and indeed still do. It will give those new to a fascinating collecting field an introduction to the possibilities that exist, including the parallel subject of thimble cases. The more interesting old thimbles are less plentiful than they once were but are still worth searching for in antique shops and antique fairs, while those currently being made and on sale in good gift shops can make a worthy addition to any comprehensive collection.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 40
Edition: 2nd edition
Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd
Published: 01 Jun 2006

ISBN 10: 0747804036
ISBN 13: 9780747804031

Author Bio
Eleanor Johnson has from her youth enjoyed using her hands in many forms of needlework and crafts, and this in due course led her to her present interest in antique needlework tools. In her experience, thimbles are among the most widely collected items from the past.