Marvin Wanted More! (Book & CD)

Marvin Wanted More! (Book & CD)

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ISBN13: 9780747588733
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Marvin is not a happy sheep. All the other sheep are bigger than him, and can run faster and jump higher than he can. So Marvin decides to do something about it. He eats. And eats, and eats, until he is so big that there is nothing left for him to eat in the world - at which point Marvin eats the world itself! But that is a step too far, and what went in is going to have to come out. This is a rumbustious story that shows how it is possible to take some self-improvement just a little bit too far.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 32
Item Height 6 mm
Item Width 240 mm
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Product Dimensions 240 x 6 x 266
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format Paperback | 32
Book Overview A modern classic picture book featuring the insatiable Marvin the sheep who never has quite enough ...

'My favourite book of the year...A quirky tale with gorgeously humorous illustrations, this is a marvellous first book.' Jane Simmons 'simple and bold illustrations enhance this hilarious picture book.' Waterstone's Books Quarterly

This is Joseph Theobald's first book. He trained at Falmouth Art College, and is currently living and helping build a boat in Spain.