Crop Circles: Conclusive Evidence?

Crop Circles: Conclusive Evidence?

ISBN13: 9780747512820

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Following on from the success of Circular Evidence and Crop Circles: the Latest Evidence , this book presents the most recent developments in the unsolved mystery of crop circles. This book contains over 100 aerial photographs and groundshots - all in colour - of the latest manifestations of the crop-circle phenomenon, both in the UK and abroad. In the summer of 1991 the ever-increasing complexity of the pictograms took a giant leap forward when the Mandelbrot set - an intricate and extremely difficult to produce chaotic mathematical pattern - was created in a crop field near Cambridge. The implications of its appearance, which has been the subject of high-level scientific debate, are discussed fully, as are the results of research laboratory tests carried out on samples taken from crop formations on both sides of the Atlantic. Also included is a detailed account of the widely publicized affair involving claims that the circles were the work of hoaxers, as well as an exploration of the efficacy and validity of surveillance projects in the quest to witness and/or record a circle's creation.

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