Cults: The Battle for God

Cults: The Battle for God

by ShirleyHarrison (Author)


Many charges have been laid against the modern cult religions, including blackmail, ritual murder, brainwashing and wilful destruction of families. However the truth remains that there are many thousands of people happily living as part of these unorthodox religious groups. This is an examination of many of the best-known new religious movements. Written from an agnostic viewpoint, the book explains how the cults see themselves and their beliefs, and includes accounts by members, both for and against. The book is not an apology for the wilder religious movements, but it plays Devil's advocate and poses challenging questions to those who would like to legislate them out of existence.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd
Published: 24 May 1990

ISBN 10: 0747014140
ISBN 13: 9780747014140