Faces of Christ: Jesus in Art

Faces of Christ: Jesus in Art

by JaneWilliams (Author)


Jesus is one of the most often portrayed figures of all time. But what do all of his faces - in art from different ages and around the world - tell us about him? In this beautiful book images of Jesus are used to explore his life and legacy, including Jesus as shepherd, Jesus as victor, Jesus as broken, etc. With illuminating text, this book is both visually stunning and textually inspiring. Jane Williams uses the portrayal of Jesus in art to investigate his life and character.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc
Published: 20 May 2011

ISBN 10: 0745955223
ISBN 13: 9780745955223

Media Reviews
`This is such a beautiful book that surveys the many images of Jesus Christ which have been created by artists throughout the centuries and around the world.' -- Barbara Gardner * The Lance *
Author Bio
Jane is a tutor in Theology at St Mellitus College, London and Chelmsford, and a Visiting Lecturer at King's College, London. She also works as a Lecturer at the St Paul's Theological Centre, and for Redemptorist Publications. She is the author of several books including Approaching Easter, Approaching Christmas, Angel and most recently Faces of Christ.