The Lion Atlas of Bible History

The Lion Atlas of Bible History

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ISBN13: 9780745951522

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Taking a narrative approach, The Lion Atlas of Bible History is a rich resource for all those interested in the Bible's history, geography and archaeology. It traces the unfolding of the major events in the Old and New Testaments, from Abraham's wanderings in Canaan and Egypt through to Paul's missions and founding of new churches. Special features on subjects such as the peoples and languages of the Bible run throughout the book, helping to deepen the reader's understanding of geography, landscape, climate, culture and religion. The text is complemented by 97 specially- commissioned maps to help the reader understand the Bible narrative and provide background information. In addition there are over 150 colour photographs, 7 panoramic illustrations and 17 site plans, plus a range of battle plans and small artworks.

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Book Overview A major survey of Bible history illustrated throughout with maps and photography

PAUL LAWRENCE is research assistant to Emeritus Professor K.A. Kitchen in the dept of Archaeology, University of Liverpool. He was translation coordinator for the Turkish Old Testament Bible translation project (1988-2001). He has written numerous articles and regularly teaches courses on Biblical archaeology.