State of War

State of War

by JamesRisen (Author)


With relentless media coverage, breathtaking events, and extraordinary congressional and independent investigations, it is hard to believe that we might not know some of the most significant facts about the presidency of George W. Bush. Yet, beneath the surface events of the Bush presidency lies a secret history - a series of hidden events that makes a mockery of many of the stories on the surface. This hidden history involves domestic spying, abuses of power, and outrageous operations. It includes a CIA that became caught in a political crossfire it could not withstand, even against the wishes of the commander-in-chief. It features a president who created a sphere of deniability, in which his top aides were briefed on matters of the utmost sensitivity - but the president was carefully kept in ignorance. State of War reveals this hidden history for the first time, including scandals that will redefine the Bush presidency.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Free Press
Published: 03 Jan 2006

ISBN 10: 0743275780
ISBN 13: 9780743275781