Medical Microbiology
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Discussing each of the organ systems of the human body in turn, this microbiology textbook addresses the diseases caused by invading microbes within each of these systems. The first two of the four sections in this book describe infectious diseases in terms of the bodily conflict between the host and the parasite. The third section is a full, factual, clinically-based account on infectious diseases, with the necessary attention to core medical microbiology. The fourth and final section is devoted to prevention and treatment of microbiological infections and includes a chapter on epidemiology. Some of the principle features of this textbook are: the inclusion of integrated case-studies to reinforce the clinical relevance of the material; summary headings throughout each chapter to support important concepts; a "key facts review" box at the end of each chapter to enable students to prepare for course exams more effectively; and the use of review questions to encourage students to assess their knowledge.

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Cedric Mims began as a zoologist, studying under GP Wells and JBS Haldane atUniversity College, London. He then went to the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, graduating in 1952. After hospital appointments he spent threeyears in Uganda investigating tropical fevers, and then 16 years in Canberra, Australia, interspersed with two years in the USA. This was followed by a 20 year period in London as Professor of Microbiology at Guys Hospital MedicalSchool, where his enthusiasm for teaching found its outlet.

His career has focussed on virology, infectious diseases and immunology, and he has produced five books and more than a hundred scientific papers on thesesubjects. Pathogenesis has been his constant research interest, covering a broad range, from warts and scrapie to LCM and herpes viruses. He is always astounded at ordinary people's ignorance of what goes on inside their bodies when a microbiological invader gets to work, and in 2000 he published The War Within Us; Everyman's Guide to Infection and Immunity .