Nutrients for Health – Cider Vinegar (Nutrients for Health S.)

Nutrients for Health – Cider Vinegar (Nutrients for Health S.)

by Maurice Hanssen (Author), Maurice Hanssen (Author), Maurice Hanssen (Author)


The tangy taste of cider vinegar makes it an invaluable ingredient in cooking, but this clear amber liquid is also an important healthy supplement. This book tells the story of this liquid, extracted from apples and containing a unique combination of minerals, organic matter and acetic acid. This work suggests some ways in which cider vinegar can be used including: as an effective treatment for ailments such as the common cold and arthritis; as a benefit for slimmers - it normalizes metabolism; and as a potent miracle food . A selection of recipes are also included such as stir-fried vegetables and pickled fish with dill and coriander.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Thorsons
Published: 08 Jan 1996

ISBN 10: 0345293495
ISBN 13: 9780722531181