Mental Arithmetic Book 6 Answers: Ages 7-11+

4.20 (56 Ratings by Goodreads)
Mental Arithmetic Book 6 Answers: Ages 7-11+

Mental Arithmetic Book 6 Answers: Ages 7-11+

4.20 (56 Ratings by Goodreads)
ISBN13: 9780721708102
Published Date: 4 January, 2016

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Mental Arithmetic provides rich and varied practice to develop pupils' essential maths skills and prepare them for all aspects of the Key Stage 2 national tests. It may also be used as preparation for the 11+, and with older students for consolidation and recovery. Tailored to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for primary mathematics, each book contains 36 one-page tests. Each test is presented in a unique three-part format comprising: questions where use of language is kept to a minimum; questions using number vocabulary; questions focusing on one- and two-step word problems. Structured according to ability rather than age, the series allows children to work at their own pace, building confidence and fluency. Two Entry Tests are available in the Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Guide and on the Schofield & Sims website, enabling teachers, parents and tutors to select the appropriate book for each child. All the books can be used flexibly for individual, paired, group or whole-class maths practice, as well as for homework and one-to-one intervention.Mental Arithmetic 6 Answers contains answers to all the questions included in the Mental Arithmetic 6 pupil book, as well as guidance on how to use the series and measure progress. Answers are clearly laid out in the format of a correctly completed pupil book making marking quick and easy, while a card cover ensures durability.

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