Help Your Child Learn to Read: Parent/Teacher Guide (Read with Ladybird)

Help Your Child Learn to Read: Parent/Teacher Guide (Read with Ladybird)

by Geraldine Taylor (Author), PeterStevenson (Illustrator)


Learning to read is one of the most difficult and complex skills a human will ever learn to master. It is also the subject of great controversy and confusion. This book, which is divided by age using colour-coded pages for easy reference, aims to give guidance to parents and teachers who are keen to encourage and inspire their children. For each important developmental stage in a child's life the author identifies the major skills the child is developing. She highlights appropriate books for parents to share with their child; suggests games and activities to promote essential skills; gives ideas on how to make the best use of books; and highlights research and its implications for parents. Special attention is given to answer parents' common concerns on how reading is taught in schools; how to teach children to read before they go to school; how to encourage children who are struggling with their reading or misreading a word and what books should be chosen once a child has begun to read. Information is given on identifying dyslexia and which reading schemes are available should parents decide to teach a child to read themselves. Topics covered include what is reading; how children make sense of print; the value of nursery rhymes; phonics; reading strategies; the importance of memory in reading; how parents can help at home; the most valuable pre-reading skills; and how to use pressure positively.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd
Published: May 1997

ISBN 10: 0721426646
ISBN 13: 9780721426648
Children’s book age: 0-5 Years