Eckert's Animal Physiology

Eckert's Animal Physiology

by RogerEckert (Author), D . J . Randall (Author), WarrenBurggren (Author), KathleenFrench (Author), WarrenW.Burggren (Editor)


Eckert Animal Physiology is the essential text for courses exploring the structure, function and evolution of animals. The new Fourth Edition , revised, redesigned and updated, builds on Roger Eckert's earlier success in establishing this book as a classic. Comparing examples and experimental data across a wide variety of animal groups, the authors emphasize the book's central theme: how the bodies of animals function and how evolution has adapted them to their environment. Clear, balanced and beautifully illustrated, this book sets the standard of excellence in the field. Animal Physiology develops the major ideas in a simple and direct manner...Examples are selected from a broad spectrum of animal life, ranging from protozoa at one end to our species and other vertebrates at the other end ...the authors have produced a balanced and up-to-date treatment of animal function. Entomologia Generalis Supplement: Transparency masters


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 727
Edition: 4th Revised edition
Publisher: W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd
Published: 16 Apr 1997

ISBN 10: 0716724146
ISBN 13: 9780716724148