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21st Century Babies' Names

21st Century Babies' Names

by JacquelineHarrod (Author)


This title contains 21st Century names for 21st Century babies! Jacqueline Harrod has scoured the registers of the Family Records Centre and researched the new millennium's current most popular names.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Elliot Right Way Books
Published: 01 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 0716021803
ISBN 13: 9780716021803
Book Overview: Fully informed, you'll choose a name of which your child can be proud - today, tomorrow and always.

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brings together the latest and most popular baby names in one handy guide Pregnancy, Baby & You magazine.
Author Bio
Although Jacqueline Harrod has always had an interest in names and their histories, it was the simple desire to limit the number of awful names being bestowed on helpless infants that inspired her to compile her book 21st Century Babies' Names. It led to a dedicated hunt for the latest names and trends of the 21st century scoured from the registers of the Family Records Centre, as well as tireless research of traditional favourites from such esteemed sources as the London Library and the British Library. Jacqueline lives in Littlehampton with her husband, John, and their two daughters, all of whom were enlisted to collect popular names from their colleagues, friends and associates. She enjoys many literary hobbies, has interests in social history and philology, and is a keen writer with magazine articles and books for children to her name. Jacqueline's other great love is the game of Patience which she has played all her life. In fact such is her knowledge of the game that she has compiled 'The Top 100 Patience Games', also by Elliot Right Way Books.