A Woman in Your Own Right :The Art of Assertive, Clear and Honest Communication

3.50 (2 Ratings by Goodreads)
A Woman in Your Own Right

A Woman in Your Own Right :The Art of Assertive, Clear and Honest Communication

3.50 (2 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 3 March, 2022
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'The classic assertiveness bible' GUARDIAN

Do you sometimes struggle to state what you want (or don't want)? Do tricky conversations go wrong? Does it at times seem easier to suffer in silence? This book has the solutions you need.

Despite recent advances in gender equality in education, the workplace and the home, in practice many women and girls still find it a challenge to speak up and be heard. Assertiveness - defined by psychologist and assertiveness trainer Anne Dickson as clear, honest and direct communication - is an art, which can be learned. Instead of being governed by the desire to please - the Compassion Trap - assertiveness teaches us to take charge of our own feelings and behaviour, without blaming others.

In her pioneering handbook, now fully updated to mark its 40th anniversary, Dickson draws on her long experience of in-person training to give all women the practical skills and tools we need to assert what we feel and want, manage difficult conversations, avoid being sidetracked by culturally learned behaviours, say 'No', and find self-acceptance.

'The classic assertiveness bible... You might be better off with A Woman in Your Own Right than any of the modern girlboss manuals that claim to be able to transform you wholesale into a kickass corporate woman.' - RHIANNON LUCY COSSLETT, GUARDIAN

'We've made giant strides towards equality over the decades, but... this advice is even more pertinent today.' - LINDA KELSEY, DAILY MAIL

'As important as it ever was.' - ANGELA NEUSTATTER

'The bible for anyone who wants to get their voice heard... invaluable.' - LESLEY GARNER

Anne Dickson is a psychologist, counsellor, trainer and writer with over forty years' experience of teaching communication skills and management of emotions. She has led training extensively in the UK and internationally - including in Ireland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hungary, South Africa and Japan - and for a wide range of private and public groups and organisations. She is the author of several books, including The Mirror Within and Difficult Conversations. A Woman in Your Own Right, her first book, was originally published in 1982, remaining in print ever since, and has been translated into thirteen languages. She lives in the Southwest of England.

Type Book
ISBN 9780715654545
Number Of Pages 288
Publisher Duckworth Books
Format Paperback