Get the Most from Photoshop: Improve Your Photos and Produce Amazing Effects in Easy Steps

Get the Most from Photoshop: Improve Your Photos and Produce Amazing Effects in Easy Steps

by SimonJoinson (Author)


This is an easy-to-follow, practical guide to the world's most popular imaging software, Adobe Photoshop. Get the Most from Photoshop is organised around accessible projects that show the reader how to achieve specific end results. It covers all commonly used versions of Photoshop, including notes on changes in later versions and tips on how the techniques can be adapted to Photoshop Elements. The first section of the book deals with Photoshop Basics; the things you need to grasp before you can take even the smallest first steps with your own pictures. You will find all the essential tools and techniques and learn about non-destructive editing using Layers and Masks. Moving onto more specific techniques you will find more and more step-by-step projects that you can follow with your own images (or, if you prefer, using the same images by downloading them from There is everything the creative photographer could want to learn. From black and white to soft focus, to recreating the effect of specialist techniques such as fish-eye or infrared photography, Photoshop allows you to decide how you want your pictures to look after - not before - you take them. You'll also find ideas for creating retro-style colour effects, graininess and vignettes, compose a fake Andy Warhol, add borders and edges, and discover key tools and techniques needed for convincing montages and pleasing collages. Finally, there is a chapter on Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw, highlighting the benefits of using both Photoshop add-ons. Throughout the book you will find hints and tips and keyboard shortcuts, as well as suggestions for variations on the techniques that you can try on your own images. Highly illustrated with photographs and screengrabs, this inspirational yet practical book will be invaluable to any digital camera owner who wants to master all the essential Photoshop techniques.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: David & Charles PLC
Published: 14 Nov 2008

ISBN 10: 0715329626
ISBN 13: 9780715329627

Author Bio
Simon Joinson is a writer, designer and photographer who has been working with digital cameras and imaging software since the early 1990s. He is Reviews editor and author of the website DP Review and former editor of What Digital Camera, Better Digital Photography and Total Digital Photography magazines. He is the author of several books, including Get the Most from your Digital Camera and 101 Great Things to do with your Digital Camera (both D&C).