Naming Your Baby: The Definitive Dictionary of First Names

Naming Your Baby: The Definitive Dictionary of First Names

by JuliaCresswell (Author)


Naming Your Baby is the essential A-Z guide for deciding your child's name. Much more than just a list of baby names, this book is a fascinating guide for expectant parents, as well as a wider reference resource for historians, writers and researchers. It contains over 1,500 possible choices, from Aaron to Zuleika, through the old-fashioned (Hazel and Gilbert), the modern (Jade and Devon), the unusual (Anselm and Tanith) and the most popular (Chloe and Jack). It reveals who has influenced the popularity of names, including film stars (Mia), biblical figures (Isaac) and fictional characters (Harry), and suggests why Chelsea, April, Rose or Ebony might be appropriate - or inappropriate! - for your child. Names with shared roots are gathered together in the same entry: you might decide against Helen in favour of Ellen, Elaine or Illona, or even need to switch at the last minute from Sean to Shauna...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: 2Rev Ed
Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Published: 05 Nov 2007

ISBN 10: 0713683139
ISBN 13: 9780713683134
Book Overview: The definitive guide to naming children for the discerning parent-to-be Covers recent name trends and popularity, including celebrity baby names and popular foreign and ethnic names Fills a niche for those who want to make a informed choice when choosing a name, or who are interested in the historical and social context of names Features statistical, historical and etymological information An ideal gift from a mother, in-law or friend to an expectant mum

Author Bio
Julia Cresswell is an established reference author, whose other books on first names include Collins' Gem: Irish First Names and Scottish First Names.