Mayday!: Yachts in Distress

Mayday!: Yachts in Distress

by JoachimSchult (Author)


It is nearly always human error that causes yachts to get into difficulties at sea. And anyone going to sea with insufficient experience to cope with unexpected situations, or unable to deal with anything other than routine matters due to seasickness, fatigue or panic, endangers both himself and his crew. These are accounts of distress situations brought about by grounding, capsize, sinking, fire or man overboard. The author draws upon the available documented sources, such as logbooks, court proceedings and Coastguard reports, and also allows those involved to narrate their own stories. Knowing the reasons why other yachtsmen got into difficulties and had to call mayday should give readers a better appreciation of the danger involved in certains situations, and may help them avoid the pitfalls for themselves.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical
Published: 19 Dec 1997

ISBN 10: 071364642X
ISBN 13: 9780713646429