Surveying and Restoring Classic Boats (Sailmate)

Surveying and Restoring Classic Boats (Sailmate)

by J.C.Winters (Author)


A classic yacht, mouldering in a distant boatyard or rotting in a tidal creek may offer an inviting prospect for restoration. The main question is how to decide whether it would be viable in terms of time and cost? The boat may well be beyond all aid, a pointless and expensive rescue requiring almost total reconstruction, or she could have enormous potential and eventually command a high market value. Unless a purchaser has some knowledge of boat construction methods and a sound idea of the boat's structural condition, such restorations can prove financially rewarding or financially crippling. This book intends to guide potential buyers through the traps and pitfalls, as well as advising on the rewards or potential bankruptcies of embarking on such a project. It will help readers assess: what condition is she in, can she be moved, what are the likely weak points, how much will it cost to put these right, is she worth all the time and money to restore and what unexpected expenses might there be? The book also discusses power and sailing craft, and the wide variety of boatbuilding material from traditional as well as high tech wood construction, to glassfibre, steel and alloy. Engines and rigs come under scrutiny, and the important matters of storage and finance are also examined.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical
Published: 29 Oct 1992

ISBN 10: 0713636114
ISBN 13: 9780713636116