English Heritage Book of Roman Britain

English Heritage Book of Roman Britain

by Martin Millett (Author)


Looks at the native peoples of Britain after the Claudian invasion of AD 43 and the influence of the Roman system on their way of life. Despite the richness of archaeological, epigraphic and literary evidence, this remains a subject of keen debate. Millett examines the settlement patterns in different areas of the country and provides an overview of Roman Britain, drawing on the latest archaeological findings. One of his fields of study is the nature of Roman authority and imperial demands, together with the end of Roman rule and the reasons for its decline. He also considers the role of art with regard to Celtic traditions and their Romanization, and explores the area of religion, gods and the rituals of life and death.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Batsford Ltd., London
Published: 05 Sep 1995

ISBN 10: 0713477938
ISBN 13: 9780713477931