Maps for Local History

Maps for Local History

by PaulHindle (Author)


As a source of information about the development of an area through time, this book is a guide to what each type of map has to tell us and how to use them as evidence in local historical research. Beginning with a brief survey of the first cartographic depictions of Britain, the development of the map is then outlined from Saxton's early county plans to the productions of the Ordnance Survey today. Estate plans, enclosure and tithe maps, town plans, transport maps and road blocks are all fully described and illustrated in the context of their relevance for the local historian. Dr Hindle's approach to his subject is practical, he describes the different types of maps produced, explains what they were intended to show and most importantly tells the reader where to find them. It is intended for local historians, historical geographers, collectors and old map enthusiasts.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Batsford Ltd
Published: 05 May 1989

ISBN 10: 0713455845
ISBN 13: 9780713455847