Geronimo:The Man, His Time, His Place

Geronimo:The Man, His Time, His Place

by A Debo (Author)


On 5 September 1886, America rejoiced as the news flashed from the Southwest that the Apache war leader Geronimo had surrendered to Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles. With Geronimo, at the time of his surrender, were Chief Naiche - son of the great Cochise - sixteen other warriors, fourteen women and six children. It had taken a force of 5,000 regular army troops and a series of false promises to capture the band. Here is an enthralling narrative of revenge and raids, of escape, pursuit and uneasy peace. It is also a powerful and sympathetic portrait of Geronimo - one of the greatest, most feared and most elusive of Indian leaders - a man who became known as 'the tiger of the human race'.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Pimlico
Published: 02 Sep 1993

ISBN 10: 0712658998
ISBN 13: 9780712658997
Book Overview: Fascinating and most comprehensive biography of America's most famous Indian Warrior

Author Bio
Angie Debo was born in Kansas and grew up in Oklahoma. She studied history at the Universities of Oklahoma and Chicago. As well as teaching in schools and universities, she served on the board of directors of the Association of American Indian Affairs and made surveys for this Association and for the Indian Rights Association. A distinguished scholar of American Indian history, her books include The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic, The Five Civilised Tribes of Oklahoma, The Road to Disappearance: A History of the Creek Indians and A History of the Indians of the United States (also published in Pimlico). She died in 1988.