What Do Dogs Know?

What Do Dogs Know?

by StanleyCoren (Author), JanetWalker (Illustrator)


Do dogs know when an earthquake will strike? Do they have their own favorite television shows? Can they predict medical emergencies? How many of them actually attend dog school -- and how many of them flunk? Most important, do dogs have their own philosophy of life?Dogs first took their place at the heels of their favorite humans more than 14,000 years ago -- and have been man's best friend ever since. But many dog owners wonder what really goes through the minds of their favorite hounds. The truth is, dogs think, dream, experience emotions, and sense danger -- sometimes even better than we do.What Do Dogs Know? is filled with heartwarming anecdotes and fascinating observations about all breeds of dogs -revealing some of the amazing, and often surprising, things they think. With original artwork and scores of quirky facts, it is a must-have for anyone with a special dog in life -- as well as their the perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Edition: First
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Published: 05 Oct 1998

ISBN 10: 0684848600
ISBN 13: 9780684848600